Pressed Hash

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Pressed Hash Mean?

Pressed hash is created from compressed cannabis trichomes, which are the resin glands of the plant. The product is exceptionally potent.

To create pressed hash, large amounts of pressure or heat must be used. The heat or pressure help to keep the cannabis product fresh for longer periods of time.

The making of pressed hash can be traced back to Morocco, Afghanistan, and Lebanon. In such areas of the world, pressed hash was created by people rubbing the plant’s resin glands with their hands. The resin would stick to their skin in large quantities. The black resin would then be scraped from their fingers and pressed into bars.


Maximum Yield Explains Pressed Hash

Modern day pressed hash is created using a sieving method. The plant material is filtered through a mesh of varying gauges or mesh bags to break away the plant’s trichomes. The sticky, trichome-rich resin falls through the mesh.

After the sieving process, the resulting product is commonly known as kief. The kief can then be pressed into pressed hash. Pressing hash is either done using force with a hash press or heat to melt the trichomes together.

Pressed hash is typically consumed using a bong, pipe, vaporizer, or rolled into a joint. It can also be used for dabbing. The benefit of pressed hash is that it is easy to store and transport versus loose kief.


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