What Does Pinner Mean?

A “pinner” is a slang term for a rolled marijuana cigarette that is significantly narrower than a typical one. While the size of a pinner is not standardized, it is described as about the length of a toothpick and only a little wider than one. It differs from a typical joint in that it is often evenly packed, and not cone shaped. “Pinner” may also be used in some circles to describe the poor quality of marijuana. They may also be known as a “Percy Spliff,” a “pinner blunt,” or “pinner joint,” a “pin-needle joint,” or a “needle joint.”


Maximum Yield Explains Pinner

Pinners may be rolled as a way to use up a small, left over amount of marijuana or may be rolled intentionally thin to create a lower price point to sell. They may also be used to conserve especially expensive or potent strains of cannabis. Some smokers believe them to be a waste of time as the ratio of paper to marijuana is too high.

The term likely originated due to its diminutive size, like a pin. An alternative origin is that it derives from joints smoked by incarcerated inmates in the “pen” as pinner joints are often consumed by prisoners without constant access to marijuana.


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