One Hitter

Last Updated: August 13, 2018

Definition - What does One Hitter mean?

A one hitter is a small cannabis pipe. It usually features a petite bowl or a tiny chamber that holds a small amount of cannabis. Its petite size allows the user to inhale one time per bowl full of product.

In a one hitter, each bowl holds about 25 milligrams of cannabis. The small size makes the one-hitter pipe ideal for a mobile user who requires only one hit.

MaximumYield explains One Hitter

The pipe's small build makes it exceptionally discreet. Many one-hitter pipes are even constructed to resemble a cigarette. A one-hitter pipe produces less smoke than an average size pipe.

Because the pipe only allows one toke, it conserves the supply of cannabis. Ideally, the weed should be packed tightly (not so tight that airflow is restricted) into the chamber or bowl to make the best use of its diminutive size. The cannabis plant matter should also not be ground too finely or it will quickly turn to ash in a one hitter.

When packing the cannabis into the one hitter, the pipe should be held vertically. Simply turn the one hitter so the bowl or chamber is in the downward position and grind it into the weed to fill.

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