Nug Run

Definition - What does Nug Run mean?

Nug is a term used to refer to any flower of the mature cannabis plant, regardless of size.

Nug run is a term used to describe higher-quality concentrates, like hash oil, which are made from just nugs. Rather than using trim material to create the concentrate, only cannabis flowers are used.

This provides a product with a cleaner flavor and more intense aroma than trim-run concentrates, as well as higher concentrations of trichomes and terpenes.

MaximumYield explains Nug Run

Creating cannabis concentrates allows medical marijuana manufacturers to give customers more bang for their buck. Concentrates generally contain more THC per ounce than dried plant matter and they can be made in many different ways. One of those ways results in the highest quality concentrate called nug run.

In normal marijuana production, concentrates are made from only the smallest flowers and trimmed material from the plant. This is called “trim run”, or just “trim”, and it usually produces less flavor, less potency, and less yield. In this production method, larger, more mature flowers would be smoked on their own.

In a nug-run concentrate, full nugs (flowers) are used to create the concentrate. In fact, only full flowers are used, with no trim material or immature flowers. The result is a marijuana concentrate that is much more flavorful, has a cleaner taste, and has greater potency. In nug runs, final product yields are also better for concentrate manufacturers than if they were simply using trimmings and only small nugs.

From this description, we can determine that nug-run concentrates are more potent, and generally offer a more flavorful experience than trim-run concentrates. However, because of the concentration process, the costs may be higher than with traditional flower-only intake methods.

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