Licensed Facility

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Licensed Facility Mean?

A licensed facility is a dispensary where medical cannabis-containing products, and devices for the use of medical cannabis, can be sold to consumers and patients. Such licensed facilities work under state and municipal laws that govern the sale and licensing of medicinal marijuana. Each licensed facility is required to possess the necessary state and local permits to sell medicinal marijuana.

Most people new to using medical marijuana prefer to go through a licensed facility to get their medicine, where they have more of a chance to learn about the different products available to them.

Licensed facilities exist in contrast to illegal dispensaries, or unlicensed facilities that in most cases are operating without having gone through the proper channels to open and serve the public legally and responsibly. As more and more of these "illegal" dispensaries are opening up, law enforcement is having trouble keeping up with shutting them down and many go untouched. Right now, it is buyer beware in the medical marijuana community.


Maximum Yield Explains Licensed Facility

Within the licensed facility, patients and consumers can peruse various cannabis products. They can also speak with a knowledgeable budtender about their individual medical needs and which strain of cannabis will best assist their condition. The budtender will be able to tell the patient about the various strains of cannabis available for purchase and the distinct THC, CBD, and terpenoid levels that each type offers.

Licensed cannabis facilities typically have the appearance of a physician's office. They are laid out to provide the patient with optimal privacy while discussing and purchasing medicinal cannabis products. Licensed facilities normally are required to keep a log of all patients and their certifications. Depending on the state, many licensed facilities also assist and advise patients on how to obtain certification for medical marijuana usage.


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