Jelly Hash

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Jelly Hash Mean?

Jelly hash is an exceptionally potent form of hash. It normally contains eight parts bubble hash and one part oil. However, jelly hash techniques vary, and most extraction artists keep their mixture's ratio secret.

Oftentimes, jelly hash is created by mixing kief with hash oil. Most hash oil is made utilizing butane as the solvent, but sometimes jelly hash is manufactured using a different solvent to maintain a greater level of purity.


Maximum Yield Explains Jelly Hash

In general, hash, also called hashish and hash oil, refers to substances made from the kief of the cannabis plant. The sticky, crystal-like kief is a naturally excreted trichome of the cannabis plant’s glands. Bubble hash is simply hash that has been brought to a bubble during the extraction process, or hash that was created with the help from bubble bags during the sifting stage.

Jelly hash was first introduced in 2002 at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It has a jelly-like, sticky consistency. The unique, jelly-like texture is often obtained by adding water during the creation of jelly hash because water does not mix well with the cannabis oil and creates the unusual congealed consistency.

Jelly hash tends to feature an earthy aroma and a mild flavor that most users find pleasant. The high potency levels of jelly hash make it a good choice for medicinal marijuana users who are seeking relief from chronic pain, those looking to relieve the adverse effects of chemotherapy, and for regular sufferers of general nausea.

Most hash is manufactured using the lower buds and leaves of the plant.


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