Isopropyl Alcohol

Definition - What does Isopropyl Alcohol mean?

Isopropyl alcohol is a common solvent with several functions that is used for many different processes. For almost 100 years, it has been a component of rubbing alcohol, cleaning solvents, nail polish remover, and other cleaning products. It is commonly found in concentrations ranging from 70 per cent to 99 per cent, with the remaining percentages being water.

It is also one of the compounds, along with butane and other forms of alcohol, that can be used in the extraction of cannabis to make cannabis oil or hashish (hash) oil, shatter, or wax.

MaximumYield explains Isopropyl Alcohol

When used to make any form of concentrated cannabis product, the higher the concentration of isopropyl alcohol, the faster the finished product is obtained.

There are several different methods to derive concentrated cannabis by using isopropyl alcohol, but with all methods, it is important to make sure that the product is not consumed before the solvent has evaporated so that there is little to no risk of ingesting the isopropyl alcohol, which can be toxic.

Fine particles of loose cannabis, either bud, trimmings or other parts of the marijuana plant are mixed with the alcohol. The solid parts are then filtered out. The remaining solution is set out or otherwise heated to cause evaporation. The remaining material is the concentrate, which can be ingested or further refined.

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