Ice Wax

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Ice Wax Mean?

Ice wax is a form of bubble hash. It is created using ice and water to separate the cannabinoids from frozen plant material.

Once separation occurs, the product is further purified by filtering through various mesh sizes. Ice wax is composed of pure cannabis trichomes. It contains terpenes and features a full-bodied aroma.

Ice wax is achieved by using an ice extraction method. No chemical solvents are used in the creation of ice wax. It is a popular product for dabbing and vaping. It can also be sprinkled on plant material and rolled into a joint.


Maximum Yield Explains Ice Wax

Ice wax resembles tan beach sand. It exceptionally fine but grainy to the touch. It melts readily and leaves little or no residue. The lack of residue indicates that the product is pure and contains very little plant material.

Although ice wax is a form of hash, it differs from traditional hash products because of its cooling process and lack of chemical solvents during the extraction process. Ice wax matches the potency levels of BHO hash and other concentrates that are created using chemical solvents.

The extraction process used to create ice wax is not new. In fact, the process method is one of the oldest for creating hash concentrates.

Unlike traditional hash, ice wax is created using frozen plant material and ice water. The plant material is sieved through screen bags of varying mesh gauge.


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