Heady Glass

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Heady Glass Mean?

Heady glass is a moniker used to distinguish high-quality blown glass pieces such as dab rigs, dabbers, hand pipes, and bongs used for cannabis consumption. Each piece is unique and many are truly one-of-a-kind works of art.

Heady glass pieces feature many colors that stand out. They boast intricate designs that are painstakingly crafted by glass artists.

In opposition to heady glass pieces, there are scientific glass pieces, in which functionality and ease of use are favored over the beauty of the piece. More and more, the two styles are being blended together to appeal to a wide variety of cannabis consumers.


Maximum Yield Explains Heady Glass

Heady glass is highly coveted by collectors and cannabis connoisseurs. Most pieces command high prices and many are considered an investment because their value will only increase as the artist gains recognition.

Heady glass pieces all share distinguishable similarities such as high-end glass, vibrant hues, and advanced glass blowing techniques. The beauty of the piece is usually of paramount importance for its creation, but Heady glass pieces are more than eye-catching table pieces.

Each glass creation is designed to not only be visually impressive but also function for the purpose that it was fabricated. Heady glass artists take a great deal of pride in each design and many have achieved notoriety for their art pieces.

Some people believe that the function of a heady glass piece takes a backseat to the artistic design aesthetics of the piece; however, the majority of heady glass artists make functionality a priority.


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