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Definition - What does Germination mean?

Germination refers to the very start of a marijuana's plant growth cycle. It is the process of the seed cracking and sprouting a seedling.

When the seeds are planted, they cannot grow unless conditions are suitable for germination. Cannabis growers must ensure the planted seeds get the proper amounts of water, oxygen, temperature, and light. If these conditions are met, the seed will enlarge as it takes in water and oxygen, eventually cracking the seed's coat and sprouting roots.

Growers tend to want to speed up the germination process by triggering or forcing their cannabis seeds out of their dormant state so they begin to grow. This is often done by keeping the seeds moist by soaking them and then housing them in a dampened paper towel.

It is believed that 8 out of 10 cannabis seeds will germinate successfully, meaning the germination rate of cannabis seeds is at around 80%.

MaximumYield explains Germination

In horticulture, germination is a form of propagation that occurs in most plants. Before germination occurs, a seed does not have what it needs to grow, such as the required nutrients for plant growth.

When the seed receives the nutrients and water it needs, the enzymes inside the seed will become activated and the process of growth begins. First, a root called a radicle grows from the seed, which helps the seedling get even more water. Next, shoots or plumules begin to grow above ground. This includes the stem and leaves of the marijuana that harness the available light energy for even more development.

The process of germination can take as little as 24 hours once initial efforts are made, depending on the germination methods being used (i.e. soil vs. hydroponics). However, some seeds or varieties can take up to seven days to germinate. Once a seed is germinated, it becomes a seedling preparing to enter the vegetative stage of cultivation.

There are several factors that can affect the germination process, which will affect how long it takes cannabis seeds to germinate. In general, cannabis seeds require lots of water (high humidity), but not too much, as this could block oxygen from reaching the seed. Additionally, cannabis seeds require warm temperatures and lots of cool light, often delivered artificially using T5 fluorescents.

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