Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Ganja Mean?

Ganja is a Sanskrit word that translates into ‘hemp, weed, marijuana, and cannabis’. For centuries, people have used ganja to relax, meditate, and heal. In India, the word ganja is more specific and actually refers directly to a highly potent strain of sativa marijuana. In India, ganja also refers to the cultivated upper leaves and flowers of specific female cannabis plants. Historically in India, ganja was only smoked in a earthenware pipe called a chillum. The smoking of ganji was a communal event and usually shared by two to five individuals.


Maximum Yield Explains Ganja

Even though the word ganja has been around for centuries in India, the moniker first started to enter mainstream marijuana culture when notable musicians such as Jamaica’s Bob Marley began referring to cannabis as ganja. Many people erroneously started to think and believe that ganja was a Jamaican term for weed and that the origin of ganja was the small island country. In modern times, ganja has become a common street term that is used denote all types of marijuana. Even today in Jamaica, all forms of cannabis are referred to simply as ganja.


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