Fresh Frozen

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Fresh Frozen Mean?

Fresh frozen often refers to cannabis that has been cryogenically frozen. The freezing process takes place immediately after harvest in an effort to preserve the plant’s terpenes.

Fresh frozen is also the name of a certain type of hashish that is created using only fresh frozen cannabis bud and trim. The process of fresh freezing the cannabis plant material after harvest is advantageous because the plant material is not dried and crumbled as it typically is after harvest.


Maximum Yield Explains Fresh Frozen

Freshly freezing the cannabis immediately after harvest means that far less plant material accumulates in the resin. Fresh frozen cannabis plant material is also frequently used to create high-grade butane hash oil (BHO). BHO manufactured using fresh frozen plant material retains the fresh plant’s terpenes.

Fresh frozen hashish is made by immediately placing freshly harvested bud and trim into the freezer for a few hours. For best results, most growers remove the marijuana plant’s fan leaves because they contain no trichomes. They also use only small buds for the fresh frozen process.

After the plant material is frozen, the grower places bubble hash bags into a bucket with ice and water. Then the grower adds the fresh frozen cannabis plant material. The plant material, ice, and water are gently for ten minutes in the bubble hash bag. The bag with the ice and plant material is then removed from the bucket.

At this point, the frozen resin is collected and allowed to dry for several days. The cannabis resin is much easier to handle in a frozen state. It is far less sticky. Once dry, the fresh frozen resin is highly concentrated and made into fresh frozen hashish concentrate products .


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