Extraction Artist

Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Extraction Artist Mean?

In the medical marijuana industry, an extraction artist is a licensed individual who is trained in cannabis extraction. The individual has normally trained in a variety of extraction techniques such as gas and oil, CO2, butane, alcohol, and water extraction methods.

The unique skills required to become an extraction artist involve more than just the ability to learn as you go and gain experience. Many cannabis connoisseurs consider cannabis concentrate extraction an art form and a gift that surpasses knowledge.


Maximum Yield Explains Extraction Artist

Nowadays, concentrates account for approximately 40 percent of all cannabis sales. The popularity of cannabis concentrates has made the career of being an extraction artist an in-demand job choice.

Currently, most extraction artists make a salary of $75,000 to $125,000 per year. A cannabis extraction artist must be extremely meticulous and make sure that any concentrate product they create is of the utmost quality and consistency.

Purity is also a vital consideration, especially for cannabis concentrates that are going to be used in the medicinal field. In addition to the quality of the end product, an extraction artist must also factor in things like safety while on the job, as some extraction techniques can be dangerous if the employees are not well-versed on the machinery.

Just like growers take their role in the cannabis industry seriously, so do the extraction personnel. To be considered a true extraction artist, they must take no shortcuts, and sift through the good input products from the bad. Much like chefs have, they need an eye for detail and a passion for the job and the experience of the end user.


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