Electronic Rig (E-Rig)

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Electronic Rig (E-Rig) Mean?

An electronic rig, commonly called an e-rig, is a relatively new device used for consuming cannabis concentrates. An e-rig is a method of dabbing that allows the user to successfully control the temperature of the dab, which is very beneficial when using certain cannabis concentrates, especially ones that have high terpene levels.

Terpene cannabis concentrates require a low temperature, or else the beneficial terpenes evaporate. An e-rig allows the user to keep the temperature between 310 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit (154 and 205 degrees Celsius) to preserve the flavorful terpenes.


Maximum Yield Explains Electronic Rig (E-Rig)

The major drawback to an electronic rig is that it requires electricity to operate, so it is not very mobile and cannot be readily used outdoors. However, a few models are now battery powered.

An e-rig is easily controlled with temperature settings so the nail is never overheated and the user can enjoy low-temperature dabs.

Electronic rigs are an alternative to using butane torches as part of the dabbing experience. When using a butane torch, the nail can quickly reach temperatures that exceed 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which ruins the concentrate's terpenes. At these temperatures, a dab rig will not vaporize the concentrate effectively.

Unlike conventional dab rigs, an electronic rig allows the user to fine tune each dab to reap the maximum benefits.


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