Definition - What does Dewaxing mean?

Dewaxing is a process used to clean cannabis concentrates of solvents, thereby creating a purer concentrate. Dewaxing is essentially a specific way to purge the cannabis concentrate of the butane solvent that was used during the extraction process.

One of the most common ways of making concentrates is using butane as the solvent. Butane hash oil (BHO) is exceedingly popular, but most users do not want to smoke any impurities that might be left behind from the butane solvent. Dewaxing helps remove the impurities to create a cleaner, healthier, solvent-free product.

MaximumYield explains Dewaxing

Dewaxing concentrates is only required when the concentrate was created using butane as the extraction method.

During the butane extraction process, after the butane is run through the product, the remaining oil is then brought down to a sub zero temperature to separate the lipids from the material. Dry ice is often used to cool the product, or else an infrared heat gun works too. The material is then run through a Buchner funnel that is attached to a passive vacuum.

The undesirable substance will gather in the top layer. The butane must be pulled through the material quickly to create a clean product.

The final dewaxed product will be the fat that has separated from the oil.

Finally, the product is extracted even further using filter paper.

Some cannabis connoisseurs argue that the butane can never be fully removed from the concentrate. These individuals avoid butane extracted products altogether, opting for a non-solvent extraction method.

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