Domed Nail

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Domed Nail Mean?

In cannabis culture, a dome is a key component of a dab rig or oil rig. It is normally made of blown glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz. It fits over the nail and captures the vapor of the cannabis concentrate. On some dab rigs, the dome is a built-in part of the nail.

A dome effectively captures and holds the vapor from the heated dab so the user can slowly inhale it. This helps ensure that no hit is ever wasted because the dome helps hold the vapor until the user can inhale. The trapped vapors in a dome also provides a consistent high that other methods lack. A domed nail is safer to use and is an ideal method for novice dab rig users.


Maximum Yield Explains Domed Nail

The dome on a nail is ideal for novice dab rig users because it helps contain the burning concentrate and also holds the vapor until it can be inhaled. A dome does not allow the nail to hold as much concentrate as a domeless nail, but it does capture and hold the vapor until use.

Unfortunately, the dome can heat up considerably and poses a burn risk if it needs to be adjusted. A dome also does not allow the nail to be heated up as fast as a domeless nail.

A domed nail collects and holds the vapor so the user can pull it through the rig and inhale. Many frequent dab rig users object to needing the extra dome piece because they think that it is unnecessary, but other users swear by a domed nail.


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