Last updated: November 9, 2021

What Does Dank Mean?

In cannabis culture, the word dank refers to potent, high-quality marijuana.

More specifically, dank is a cannabis slang term used to describe sticky, hairy, and fragrant cannabis. Dank has been used as a way to describe cannabis well before cannabis concentrates became popular. As such, the word is used to describe the actual processed plant products rather than the condition or strength of cannabis concentrates.

Dank has also entered mainstream slang as a way to describe anything that is great, awesome, or cool.


Maximum Yield Explains Dank

While you can't really tell how potent your cannabis is until you've actually consumed it, there are ways to tell if what you're about to consume is going to be high-quality dank, and high-quality usually means potent in most cases. For example, when buying cannabis at a dispensary, there are visual cues to look for in order to end up with dank buds.

Compare a few buds and see what looks appealing, is a good color, and produces a strong, enticing aroma. Mold, mildew, and discoloration will appear fairly obvious (and should actually be nowhere near the dispensary you're in!) Also avoid buds that appear brittle or shriveled, as these have been over-dried and are definitely not dank.

Keep in mind, to some degree dank is a subjective expression; what's dank for you might not be considered dank to someone else. In general, a high concentration of trichomes indicates a strain with intense cannabinoid production, and this is what leads to a more potent cannabis. This high concentration of trichomes is what leads to a strain that is sticky, 'hairy', and overly fragrant, it other words – dank.

To achieve dank buds, the cannabis must be grown under the right environmental conditions from reputable seed or clone stock, and then be harvested, dried, and cured properly.

Additional terms to describe potent pot include: primo, fire, top shelf, loud, chronic, kill, headies, flame, and many more. Medicinal users aren't as likely to use the word dank to refer to their cannabis, however. The term is more popular with recreational users, growers, and cannabis connoisseurs.

Beyond its use as a slang term, dank is an actual word used to negatively describe a damp, musty basement, cellar, or confined space.


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