Drip Line

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Drip Line Mean?

A drip line is a water-saving irrigation system that delivers water directly to the plant's roots through a series of tubes, pipes valves, and emitters.

Although originally designed for use in greenhouses and nurseries, drip line irrigation systems are also popular for outdoor landscape irrigation. A drip line is efficient because it focuses water right on the roots where it’s needed instead of over a broad area.


Maximum Yield Explains Drip Line

Rather than relying on the high water pressure needed for a sprinkler, drip lines slowly transport water through a hose for far more precise watering. Drip line irrigation is also quite popular in dryer climates where water conservation is a must.

Drip line irrigation is also relatively inexpensive and much easier to install than a high-pressure sprinkler system. Because the entire system lies on the surface, there aren’t any trenches to dig or complex timers to install.

Drip irrigation usually involves a hose with small holes at various intervals or the hose's entire length may slowly leach or bleed the water out. Simple drip lines consist solely of a hose that is hooked up to a water spigot like any other hose and controlled simply by turning the water on and off.

More complex or commercial drip lines can include valves and timers to precisely control when and where various sections of the drip line operate. On hilly terrains an emitter is required to assure consistent water pressure throughout the entire system.

It’s important when designing a drip line that the water is spread evenly throughout the entire root system, otherwise some roots overdevelop and become dependent on the increased water supply while other roots whither. The result is an unhealthy plant.

You can design a drip line irrigation system yourself, but many companies that sell them tailor the system to your specific needs.


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