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Definition - What does Curing mean?

In cannabis cultivation, curing is the method used to properly age and dry marijuana buds before they are suitable for consumption. The curing process makes for a dryer bud, and cleaner, much smoother smoke. Moving plants from the drying stage into the curing stage at just the right time improves the product's flavor, potency, and other desired characteristics.

Once a marijuana plant is sufficiently dried, the buds are not ready for use until they have been aged or cured in a cool, dark place.

MaximumYield explains Curing

Before the curing process begins, the buds must be properly dried. One method of achieving this is placing them in a sealed brown paper bag and placing it in a dark room or closet for a week or more. White paper or plastic should not be used for drying, because this encourages mold growth that can ruin the harvest.

Larger scale growers often use boxes in order to dry large amounts of buds, but caution should be taken with this method to ensure proper air circulation.

When the buds are ready to be cured, they are usually placed in a glass jar. Once a jar is around two-thirds full, the lid will be placed on loosely. The curing buds require some air to assist the natural breakdown of sugars and chlorophyll. This will make the smoke smoother by reducing the amount of chlorophyll that is still present in green buds.

During the curing process, the jars must be checked often for any signs of mold or mildew, and infected buds must be removed or the whole jar will become spoiled. The jar should be periodically emptied and repacked to ensure proper curing.

Generally, buds need to be cured for a few weeks in the jars, but some producers prefer a longer curing process. The longer the buds are cured, the smoother the smoking is. A longer curing process doesn’t hurt the bud, but it does increase the opportunity for mold to appear.

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