Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Cone Mean?

A cone refers to a type of cannabis cigarette. It is a type of joint that is more conical than a typical joint or cigarette. The cone starts straight and thin but widens as the cone gets longer. A filter is often used to stop the weed from falling out of the bottom of the cone. The filter also stops resin from clogging the end of the joint.

Like rolling papers, cones can be purchased at dispensaries and smoke shops, and many manufacturers of rolling papers are now providing cones to serve a diversifying cannabis market. Consumers can choose from hemp cones, clear cones, and paper cones. Popular brands are Raw, J-Ware, and Cones brand. Also available are cone-filling machines.


Maximum Yield Explains Cone

While joints require rolling, cones eliminate this step; consumers just fill a cone with their cannabis and they are all set.

Due to the fact that cones are ready to go, they are often called or marketed as "pre-rolled" cones, implying they are ready to use. A cone is also seen as a bowl that is big enough for one hit. With cones, there are several advantages, like not having to worry about rolling a joint incorrectly ever again. When a joint isn’t rolled correctly, it can lead to an uneven burn and a harsher taste, which would be a waste of the cannabis.

On top of not worrying about an incorrectly rolled joint, cones aren’t harsh on the hands for users who have arthritis or other types of muscles pains in their hands. All that needs to be done is the user fills the cone with their strain of choice, and no rolling is required. For people with arthritis, whether it be mild or severe, cones would be a convenient solution.


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