Last updated: August 22, 2018

What Does Cheeba Mean?

Cheeba is a popular moniker for cannabis. The term is a bastardized version of the Spanish word ‘chiva’, which stands for heroin.

The Spanish term started to be used in reference to Brazilian marijuana, which appeared black, sticky, and gooey and bore a striking resemblance to heroin.

The Colorado company Cheeba Chews makes cannabis edibles and has made the term ‘cheeba’ even more synonymous for cannabis.

Nowadays, when most people refer to ‘cheeba’ they are talking about the heavily THC-laden laced Cheeba edibles that are widely marketed and are a popular medicinal marijuana choice.


Maximum Yield Explains Cheeba

The Cheeba Deca Dose edibles won the 2011 and 2012 High Times Award and were quickly coined as "America's Favorite Edible".

The Cheeba edibles were specifically designed for medical marijuana users who require a high dosage to control pain and other ailments. The edibles have become popular for users seeking to alleviate pain quickly and for a relatively long span of time.

Each Cheeba contains 175 mg of THC. There are two kinds of Cheeba Chews, a Sativa blend, and an Indica blend. The chews are infused with a cannabis oil concentrate instead of a cannabis butter which makes them faster acting and last longer than other edible forms.


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