Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Butane Mean?

In cannabis culture, butane is a hydrocarbon solvent that is used in the process of butane extraction to make butane hash oil. Unlike other solvents used in extraction, it must be purged from the final product and is not recoverable.

Butane is one of the earliest solvents used in extraction and remains one of the most popular solvents. It is easy to obtain and marginally cheaper than propane.

Butane is a colorless gas and has a faint, petroleum-like odor. It is easy to buy and to transport, and is easily ignitable, making it a popular solvent for making cannabis concentrates.

The butane hash oil made in the butane extraction process is used to make marketable products like shatter, honey oil, nug run, edibles, glass, and wax.


Maximum Yield Explains Butane

Generally speaking, butane is an organic compound with the formula C4H10 (an alkane with four carbon atoms). Butane is shipped as a liquefied gas under its vapor pressure. As for its physical properties, butane vapors are heavier than air, and any leak can be either liquid or vapor.

To be used in cannabis extraction, a person simply needs a butane blow torch, a glass cylinder, another small glass container, and a small screen. Once the extraction is complete, there is butane remaining in the oil solution that must be removed in order to get a clean, safe, consumable product. However, it is argued that all of the butane can never be completely removed from the end product.

There are numerous safety concerns regarding the use of butane to make cannabis concentrates, including the burning of the gas. When burning butane, a small amount of nitrogen dioxide is put off, which represents a human health hazard. That's why butane should only be used in a well-ventilated area by experienced personnel.

Prolonged exposure, such as when the substance is intentionally inhaled, can cause drowsiness, asphyxia, temporary memory loss, and heart and blood pressure problems.

In addition to butane cannabis extraction, butane is also used as a fuel, an aerosol propellant, in cigarette lighters, and to make other chemicals.

The information on this page is purely informational and should not be considered instructional. The creation of cannabis extracts can be extremely dangerous and requires a full understanding of the process and risks involved.


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