Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Budtender Mean?

A budtender is a professional cannabis dispensary worker. The budtender is highly knowledgeable in the various strains of cannabis, its uses, and its effects.

Budtenders also know about the various forms of cannabis that are available at the dispensary they are serving, such as edibles, solids, concentrates, topicals, flowers, oils, and plants. They provide advice and assistance to consumers and patients who frequent cannabis dispensaries. A budtender also sells all cannabis products in the dispensary to consumers and patients.


Maximum Yield Explains Budtender

A budtender must be highly knowledgeable about state, municipal, and federal laws that govern the use and sale of cannabis. They require a deep understanding of the various types and strains of marijuana that are available in the dispensary. They should have a deep understanding of each cannabis strain’s efficiency, effects, THC levels, CBD levels, expected high, aroma, and taste.

Each strain of cannabis is unique and many have the ability to more effectively treat certain medical conditions than others. A budtender must know which strain to recommend to the patient to treat which medical condition.

Every strain produces a different psychoactive abilities, often referred to as a ‘high’. Some will render the user more relaxed than others. In some cases, the strain might be more uplifting. No matter what form of high the strain produces, the budtender must know what the consumer can expect to achieve after use.

Budtenders provide a combination of optimal customer care and sales service with a deep knowledge base to all consumers and patients at the cannabis dispensary.


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