Last Updated: February 6, 2019

Definition - What does Bubbler mean?

A bubbler is a device that is used to smoke cannabis, also referred to as marijuana. A bubbler is generally small and does not feature a removable bowl.

In order to use a bubbler, the user fills the bubbler to a certain degree with water, places the cannabis into the bowl, lights the cannabis, and covers a small hole in the bubbler’s base while inhaling the smoke created from the burning cannabis through the bubbler’s mouthpiece.

The bubbler’s overall design is a combination of a bong and a pipe.

MaximumYield explains Bubbler

Sending the smoke of burning cannabis through water helps to cool the smoke, which makes it more pleasant to inhale. A bubbler uses water to help cool the smoke and soothe the inhaler’s respiratory system. Its small size makes it ideal to carry around, unlike larger bongs.

It is believed that the first bubblers were invented for cannabis use sometime in the 1960s as a better alternative to pipes and larger bongs.

One of the greatest benefits to using a bubbler to smoke cannabis, instead of using a pipe or rolling a joint, is the greater psychoactive effects, also called the ‘high’, achieved by the smoker. The cooling effect of the water inside the bubbler helps the user to inhale a greater quantity of smoke and achieve a superior high.

Users of bubblers also report less coughing, throat irritation, nose burning, and other adverse upper respiratory effects when they use a bubbler versus pipes or joints.

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