Bong Water

Last updated: September 16, 2018

What Does Bong Water Mean?

In cannabis culture, bongs are devices some people choose to use to ingest their marijuana supply. Bong water simply refers to the dark, strong-smelling liquid that is in the bottom of the bong.

When a bong is used to smoke marijuana, water is used to cool and filter the smoke of the burning cannabis plant material. After repeated use, bong water needs to be replaced every so often so it can continue to do its job. Bong water helps filter the smoke, which makes smoking from a bong less bothersome than joints for some individuals.

Bongs typically come in all shapes and sizes and are typically made of glass, ceramic, or acrylic materials; however, they all require the use of water or some other substance.


Maximum Yield Explains Bong Water

To use a bong, a person first packs the bowl of the bong with dried plant material. The bong is filled to a specific level with water – the bong water. Then, the user lights the cannabis on fire in the bowl of the bong. The smoke of the burning cannabis goes from the bowl, down through a stem, and into the bong water. After many uses, the bong water becomes increasingly dirty and must be replaced. This is also a good opportunity to clean the entire unit.

Because bong water filters smoke, it ends up collecting tar and other substances and smelling very strong and foul. Therefore, one must be careful to never spill the bong water, and definitely never drink it!

As bongs become more popular, many users have been experimenting with replacing their bong's water supply with alternative liquids that alter the flavor of the cannabis. Alternatives to bong water include cranberry juice, sports drinks, hot tea, low-alcohol content wine, iced tea, and Kool-aid, etc. Essentially any fat-free beverage can be used without altering the effects (THC levels) of the consumable cannabis.

Bong water infused with lemon peels will provide some cleaning power for the bong, but sugary substances will eventually buildup and become sticky, which can ruin a bong, so proceed with caution when thinking about using something other than water in your bong.


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