Last updated: February 21, 2019

What Does Bong Mean?

A bong is a water-filled device used to smoke cannabis, commonly called marijuana. Bongs typically come in all shapes and sizes. They are normally made from glass, ceramic, or acrylic. Many are exceptionally decorative and often considered works of art.

A bong utilizes water to cool off the often harsh effects of the cannabis smoke before the user inhales. The cooled water allows the smoker to inhale the smoke more deeply into the lungs and attain greater psychoactive effects than with other smoking methods.


Maximum Yield Explains Bong

To use a bong, the user first packs the bowl of the bong with marijuana. The bong is filled to a specific level with water. The user than lights the cannabis on fire in the bowl of the bong. The smoke of the burning cannabis passes from the bowl, downwards through a stem, into the water inside the bong.

Using the bong’s mouthpiece, the user inhales the smoke created by the burning cannabis up through the water and up through the bong’s mouthpiece. While inhaling the cooled smoke, the user typically experiences far less throat or lung irritation than other common cannabis smoking methods such as joints or pipes.

Bongs have been used for thousands of years by cannabis, herb, and tobacco smokers. It is believed that the first bongs were invented by Africans; however, some researchers dispute such findings and say that bongs were first designed by the Portuguese.


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