Last updated: January 24, 2019

What Does Blunt Mean?

A blunt normally refers to a cigar that has been hollowed out and then the tobacco leaf paper tube is filled with cannabis. However, rolling marijuana in heavy tobacco paper also creates what is referred to as a blunt.

A blunt tastes dramatically different than a joint because of the tobacco flavor mixing with the marijuana plant material. Many people find the added mix of tobacco too harsh on their throats. Cannabis connoisseurs also complain that the valuable terpenes and flavors of the cannabis become tainted or overpowered by the tobacco.


Maximum Yield Explains Blunt

A blunt is a heavy hitter because of the mix of marijuana and tobacco paper, which interact with each other. It is also longer and far heavier than a joint.

Blunts became popular as a way to disguise or discreetly smoke cannabis. Onlookers would typically assume that the user was smoking a cigar. It was also believed that the smell of the tobacco wrap would overpower the smell of the marijuana and make it more difficult to detect.

Unlike joints, which are usually fairly easy to roll with a bit of practice, blunts are often difficult to roll for novices because of the thicker paper. They can also take longer to roll if the user opts to hollow out an existing cigar to pack with cannabis.

The thickness of the paper makes the blunt burn slower than a joint, which is beneficial when smoking as a group because the blunt will last longer and provide far more hits than the smaller, faster-burning joint.


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