Last updated: May 28, 2021

What Does Auto-Buddering Mean?

Auto-buddering refers to when an extract changes consistency over time due to a number of variables. Generally referring to shatter going from translucent to opaque.

Auto-buddering can happen when temperatures are high or fluctuating during storage or use. Auto-buddering can also occur if a number of other variables take place such as high humidity, or if there is excessive moisture remaining in the product. Excessive agitation during the cure of the extract is also believed to contribute to auto-buddering.


Maximum Yield Explains Auto-Buddering

There are many contributing factors that can turn a smooth, translucent extract into a cloudy, crystalized one. Strains that are heavy in terpenes tend to suffer from auto-buddering more frequently than strains that contain a lower terpene count. Generally accompanied by the release of some of these excess terpenes and flavonoids, auto-buddering an extract is often engaged in by connoisseurs and some argument exists for enhanced flavor and experience of auto-buddered extracts.

Auto-buddering occurs when nucleation happens within the finely crystalized cannabinoids that make up the extract. The crystals are transparent and aligned and thus allow light to pass through. However, when auto-buddering occurs, the extract becomes “polycrystal” and the crystal pattern becomes broken up into small, visible chunks. The light no longer flows smoothly through these crystals and instead, it takes on a very opaque, often “sugary” appearance. The product’s lipids (waxes) and other minority compounds have begun to separate from the crystal cannabinoids.

Auto-buddering is also called ‘sugar up’ or ‘sugaring up’. Products that undergo auto-buddering before sale are often offered at discount prices by dispensaries as it tends to indicate age or even minor flaws in the extraction process.

Whether intentional or accidental, Auto-buddering does not affect the safety or efficacy of an extract.



Sugar Up, Sugaring Up

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