Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Agitation Mean?

In cannabis processing, agitation is used to break the trichomes of the cannabis plant’s buds and leaves away from the plant material.

A safe method of removing the marijuana plant’s trichomes is to utilize water and ice along with the agitation method. The marijuana plant material is added to the water and the dry ice, and then simple agitation is used to separate the trichomes. The trichomes, which are highly potent, are then filtered out of the ice and water.


Maximum Yield Explains Agitation

The agitation method not only separates the trichomes, but also helps preserve the plant’s terpenes. Agitation is commonly used when making high-quality kief and other cannabis concentrates used in dabbing. The cannabis plant material is exposed to dry ice to help break away the trichome stalks. The plant material is then worked across screens using agitation to gently remove the trichomes.

Care must be taken when using this method because too much agitation will break the plant material into small pieces and it will also fall through the screens with the trichomes, rendering the product less than pure.

Water hash, bubble hash, and full melt are also created utilizing agitation methods that include ice, water, and filtration. When making such cannabis concentrates, it is advised that the agitation is created through gentle hand stirring instead of a large agitation machine, which may damage the trichomes and delicate terpenes.

Hand stirring agitation creates a more refined and pure product compared to so-called agitation ‘washing machines’.


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