Definition - What does Ruderalis mean?

Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant. Many researchers and cultivators of cannabis plants consider ruderalis marijuana to be a different species or subspecies of cannabis. It is believed that ruderalis cannabis is a direct descendant of the species indica.

The theory suggests that ruderalis evolved from indica to withstand the harshest of climates. The plant also has the ability to tolerate the shorter growing seasons that occur in the northern regions of the world where the ruderalis cannabis plant grows.

Ruderalis cannabis plants are found in parts of Asia, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe (Russia). Some researchers believe that ruderalis cannabis did not naturally evolve but escaped from cultivation into the environment.

MaximumYield explains Ruderalis

No matter what its original origins, ruderalis is now being widely cultivated and used in the development of new strains of hardy cannabis. Ruderalis grows to a height of up to two feet tall. It produces sturdy, thick stems. Flowers appear on the plant within 21 to 35 days after vegetation. Usually it is ready for harvest 70 to 110 days after initial planting.

Unlike indica and sativa cannabis, which is encouraged to flower by the photoperiod, ruderalis creates flowers based on the plant’s age, and its growth is not dictated by the light’s cycle.

Generally, ruderalis contains low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, the plant’s hardiness and ability to autoflower makes it popular among researchers and cultivation enthusiasts in their quest to develop new and better strains of marijuana.

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