Last updated: August 13, 2018

What Does Pre-Roll Mean?

Pre-roll refers to a joint that has been pre-rolled. Dispensaries often sell pre-rolls. Pre-roll joints tend to be relatively cheap, small, and discreet. They are ideal for an occasional user who wants to keep a tiny bit of cannabis readily available to smoke.


Maximum Yield Explains Pre-Roll

Historically, joints were rolled as needed using rolling paper and marijuana plant material. Nowadays, joints can still be rolled on the spot as needed, but they take time to roll and a bit of talent. It also requires a flat surface, a grinder or scissors, and so on.

However, a pre-roll is usually easily purchased so a user no longer has to worry about having nimble fingers and rolling their own classic joint.

Pre-rolls are quick and easy. Most users can enter a dispensary and purchase one for a reasonable price. They are ideal for user who do not want to make the commitment of purchasing a bong, dab rig, bubbler, or some other paraphernalia to enjoy cannabis.

Prior to purchasing a pre-roll, the consumer should always ask about the quality of the weed used in the joint’s creation. Many pre-rolls are made with sub-par cannabis and sold for a cheap price. Pre-rolls are often made by budtenders from shake. However, some dispensaries add nugs to their pre-rolls to increase quality.


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