Last Updated: November 29, 2018

Definition - What does Pistil mean?

The pistil is the cannabis plant’s female sex organ. Within the pistil is the ovary. The plant’s seed develops in the ovary when it is fertilized.

Nature has designed the cannabis plant’s pistil to be the optimal pollen trap. The pistil is long and covered in sticky resin that traps the pollen.

Various strains of cannabis have pistils that look slightly different but all perform the same functions. Pollen is spread to the pistil via birds, insects, the wind, and rain.

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If pollination occurs, then the pistil will develop a seed and the plant has successfully completed its life cycle.

The pistil of the cannabis plant features brightly colored hairs that are often bronze or orange. A high-quality bud’s pistil boasts a large number of hairs. The longer the pistil is denied pollination from a male, the more it will produce cannabinoid and terpene-rich resin in an attempt to trap pollen.

As the cannabis bud matures, the color of the pistil changes. When the pistil first emerges, it is white but upon maturity, it takes on a purple and green coloration. Pistil colors vary and depend largely on the cannabis strain.

As the pistil continues to mature it dries out and starts to curl. The pistil turns yellow, orange, and red. Typically, the pistil turns red when it reaches six to eight weeks old. When half the pistil hairs have darkened to red and started to curl, it is time for harvest.

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