Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Landrace Mean?

In cannabis cultivation, the term landrace cannabis refers to strains of marijuana that developed naturally in the environment over the course of centuries. The landrace strains have adapted through natural selection and hardiness to thrive in their various distinctive, native locations. Specifically, landrace cannabis strains are indigenous cannabis plants that naturally grow free from human interference around the world. Each landrace cannabis strain, whether it be a sativa, indica, or other, has evolved to flourish and thrive in its distinct area. They have developed specific traits that render them hardy and capable of survival in the elements of the region where they grow.


Maximum Yield Explains Landrace

Landrace strains of marijuana only occur naturally and have never been manipulated or purposefully bred by humans. It is believed that approximately 100 landrace strains of marijuana exist around the world. Such plants have been found in Afghanistan, Africa, India, Jamaica, Pakistan, Mexico, and Central America. Landrace strains origins can be traced back to the Hindu Kush region of Pakistan and Afghanistan. As time has passed, the landrace strains have stabilized through natural selection and inbreeding to become hardy and thrive in their unique growing areas. Today, all strains, cultivars, and hybrids of cannabis have origins that can be traced back to the landrace strains.


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