Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Kush Mean?

Kush is a variety of cannabis whose origins can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountains that run along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. The region is one of the few in the world where cannabis grows wild. Because Kush is a naturally occurring cannabis plant, it is considered a landrace strain.

Over time, the Kush cannabis plant has evolved to withstand certain diseases and insects. It can tolerate cold conditions, subsist on limited water, and withstand periods of drought.

The hardy Kush cannabis plant also produces ample yields. Kush varieties of cannabis are commonly used to backcross and create firm various hybrids that contain favorable characteristics.


Maximum Yield Explains Kush

The Kush cannabis plant is a natural survivor and it passes its genetics down to successive generations. Despite the plant’s short flowering time, it produces ample yields. It is part of the indica cannabis family. Kush strains of cannabis feature deep, dark shades of green with hints of purple.

The plant’s pistils are orange, bronze, or rust colored. Kush plants tend to be moderately squat and fairly chunky. The buds are dense and thick. Kush features an earthy aroma that has a hint of pine, spice, citrus, and floral.

The smoke is rich with the smell of hash and sandalwood, The effects of the Kush cannabis plant are sedative-like. Kush strains are popular among users who seek a meditative experience.

Kush is popular in the creation of hash.


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