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What Does Kief Mean?

Kief (sometimes referred to as pollen or dry sift) is a cannabis concentrate created when trichomes are broken off of the dried cannabis plant and collected. This crystal-like, sticky, powdery substance ranges in shades of green to beige or brown. Kief can be used to create a variety of other cannabis concentrate or extract products, or used to add potency to flower during a smoke session.

Kief is sometimes used interchangeably with the term hash.


Maximum Yield Explains Kief

kief, a cannabis concentrateKief is the collection off trichomes from a dried cannabis plant.

Trichomes, the tiny, mushroom-like glands that cover a ripe cannabis flower, are where the majority of the plant's terpenes and cannabinoids are stored, namely THC. Once a plant is dried, cured, and ready for consumption, these trichomes can be collected and the resulting product is known as kief.

How Kief is Collected

For personal use, kief is most often collected in grinders that feature a "kief catcher"—a compartment beneath the grinder separated by a screen. The grinder is used to break cannabis buds it into small, uniform pieces to make it possible to roll into a joint or pack a bowl. The screen in the kief catcher allows kief to fall through but not the larger plant material.

On a larger scale, kief can be collected using a method typically called dry sifting where plant matter is rubbed or shaken against a screen allowing the kief to fall through. A series of screens of varying microns—referring to the size of the holes on the screen—can be used to refine the kief to a desired purity. Sometimes these screens are built into a box known as a “kief box”.

Pure kief is typically off-white or light beige as cannabis is most often harvested when the trichomes are a milky-white color. Kief may appear darker or green if it still contains plant matter.

How Kief is Used

Most simply, kief can be mixed back in with the flower to boost potency. It can also be used to create a "twaxed" joint by licking or using cannabis wax to adhere kief to the outside of a joint.

Edibles and edible infusions can be made with kief provided it has been decarboxylated. It may also be added to beverages—a hot tea or coffee may even be enough to decarboxylate the kief.

Kief can be pressed into solid bricks to create hash/hashish or rolled into balls known as charas.

Rosin can be made from kief and will generally have less of a plant flavor than rosin pressed from the whole flower.

Highly potent moon rocks can be created by coating dense nugs of weed in hash oil and then rolling them in kief.



pollen, dry sift

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