Flowering Time

Last updated: November 26, 2020

What Does Flowering Time Mean?

The flowering time of the cannabis plant is also referred to as the flowering stage. It is the most anticipated event in cannabis cultivation.

During the flowering time, the male plants can be separated from the coveted female plants. Sativa-dominant marijuana strains have a longer flowering stage than Indica-dominant strains.

Autoflowering strains experience an exceptionally long flowering time and are only in the vegetative stage briefly. Generally, the cannabis plant enters the flowering time of its life when it receives 12 hours or less of light per day.

Many aspects affect the plant’s flowering time such as 12-12 dark/light cycle, improper nutrients, incorrect growing conditions, and poor lighting.

Even if a plant enters the flowering stage of its cycle but hasn’t undergone proper cultivation during its lifespan, it will not produce adequate levels of THC.


Maximum Yield Explains Flowering Time

The cannabis plant undergoes four stages of flowering time. The first stage of flowering is the pre-flowering stage.

Female primordial flowers start to appear that have only two white stem hairs. They emerge on the plant’s stem junctions. The early flowering stage follows the pre-flowering stage and usually lasts for one to three weeks. It generally occurs when the plants begin to receive a 12-12 ratio of lighting.

The flowers develop at the bud sites. During this crucial stage of the flowering time, the flowers begin to develop more hairs. The flowers quickly become tight and dense filling the stem internodes. The buds form resin glands and calyxes. Soon the plant reaches the peak flowering stage where it features abundant buds and mature flowers.

At this point in flowering time, the plant's production of THC is at its peak. The peak flowering time lasts from two to five weeks. During the final flowering stage of the plant flowering life cycle, the buds begin to degenerate.

The final stage lasts from eight to 14 days.


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