Last updated: May 28, 2021

What Does Medibles Mean?

Medibles is a combination of the words marijuana and edibles. In other words: Marijuana + Edibles = Medibles. The term is intended to resonate with medicinal marijuana patients because of how closely it sounds to the word 'medicine'.

Medibles is considered a slang term used to refer to edible marijuana, be it baked goods, gummies, candies, drinks, chips, popcorn, condiments, and so on.

The term medibles is also being increasingly used for marketing purposes, with companies using it in their company name and product names, i.e.: Mystic Medibles, Mohawk Medibles, and Medibles Inc.


Maximum Yield Explains Medibles

Because the term medibles is close to the word medicine, (a play on words) the term medibles is often used to refer to medicinal edibles, rather than recreational edibles. However, there is a lot of cross-over in how one intends to use edibles.

Generally speaking, many people prefer consuming their cannabis in an edible form, such as gummy candy, because they don’t like inhaling the smoke and the resin that results from smoking joints. Medibles are also a popular way to administer medical marijuana in patients, particularly the elderly and children. They are also good for people who are curious about the effects of cannabis but don't want to bring themselves to smoke.

The most important thing to keep in mind with edibles and medibles is to pace yourself. Digestion has to take place for the medibles to have an effect. For many, this can take up to one hour after consuming a dose of medibles. Pacing yourself can be tricky in the case of delicious medibles, particularly if you're starting out hungry, so either enjoy after a large meal, or split with a friend to avoid any adverse effects that may come with eating too many medibles.


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