Last Updated: May 7, 2018

Definition - What does Dabbing mean?

Dapping is a method of cannabis consumption that involves inhaling a highly concentrated form of THC.

Dabs are tiny doses of highly concentrated portions of cannabis that are made by extracting cannabinoids, particularly THC. Dabs are generally extracted from cannabis using a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane. The end result, the dab, is a highly concentrated form of THC that is in a waxy or oily form.

The dab is sometimes referred to as wax, shatter, or butane hash oil. Because the concentrated form of THC can be so strong, dabbing often produces an intense high.

MaximumYield explains Dabbing

It is possible to extract non-psychoactive compounds from a dab, which is most often done to increase the intensity and amount of THC remaining in the end product.

In its current form, dabbing, which is the act of using daps, has been around for about 10 years and refers to the process of taking a small dose or waxy dab of concentrate that has been heated on a hot surface. It is considered to be a safer, more advanced or sophisticated method of what was once commonly referred to as “hot knifing”.

Dabbing requires some equipment to be done properly. Typically, the head of a dab nail is heated with a blowtorch until it is red hot, and then the concentrate is placed on the hot surface where it combusts and is inhaled. A dab can also be burned on a spoon or any other metal surface.

The advent of better cannabis extraction methods and stronger, purer products, has introduced more powerful cannabis concentrates to a growing cannabis culture, which has increased the popularity of dabbing.

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