Cannabis Cooperative (Co-op)

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Cannabis Cooperative (Co-op) Mean?

Cooperative, also called co-op, is often used to refer to a group of patients or medical marijuana users who join together in one place for legal access to cannabis. The group is also often referred to as a marijuana collective.

Within the cooperative, users can attain concentrates, edibles, cannabis plants, and other paraphernalia used for cannabis use. Many cooperatives encourage medical marijuana users to work together to grow cannabis plants. The medical marijuana users share the expense, work, and labor in a common grow area.


Maximum Yield Explains Cannabis Cooperative (Co-op)

Cooperatives are usually made up of medical marijuana users and their caregivers. Typically, the cooperative must file papers with the state in order to cultivate medicinal marijuana. However, laws are constantly evolving and changing from state to state.

Normally, the member of the cooperative is not allowed to sell or grow cannabis for non-members. Some cooperatives require monthly or yearly dues to belong.

Oftentimes, dispensaries are run as cooperatives and they supply cannabis products to their members at cost-saving prices. Such dispensaries look like a typical store but only members and caregivers of members are allowed to purchase cannabis products.


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