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What Does Aroma Mean?

The aroma of cannabis is created by the plant's terpenes. Different strains of cannabis feature very unique aromas based on their terpene makeup. The terpenes are secreted in the same resin glands of the plant as the cannabinoids.

The pungent oil is produced most prominently by female cannabis flowers in an attempt to attract pollinating insects. If the flower is not pollinated, it secretes more terpene-rich resin in an attempt to draw in pollinating insects. The aroma of the terpenes also acts as a deterrent against grazing herbivores.


Maximum Yield Explains Aroma

The aroma of a cannabis plant is dictated by many environmental factors such as climate, age, soil, water, light, fertilizers, and even the time of day.

More than 100 different terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant. The varying percentages of the plant's terpenes are what gives each strain its unique and distinctive aroma. Many strains are named for their aromas, such as Blueberry, Cheese, and Sour Diesel.

The drying process of cannabis turns some of the terpenes into terpenoids The conversion of terpenes to terpenoids through oxidation is one of the reasons why fresh weed smells different from dry cannabis.

In a dispensary, the aroma of the product for sale is a key indicator of its quality. The stronger the aroma, the stronger the effects of the marijuana. However, some strains naturally smell more potent than others, so aroma alone is not the most reliable indicator of quality.

Aroma can be preserved through various storage methods, like airtight stash jars. Note that aroma is a good thing, while cannabis odor is a negative thing that growers try to dissipate, trap, or mask, especially in the growing stages and the transport stages. While the smell of cannabis growing appeals to most growers, they don't want it to disturb neighbors or otherwise draw attention to their stashes or grow rooms.


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