Grams Per Day Analysis (GPD)

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Grams Per Day Analysis (GPD) Mean?

Cannabis growers can determine the amount of pounds or kilos they produced of dried, processed cannabis for each 1,000-W flowering light bulb they used to grow the crop in order to compare one crop yield to the next. This is referred to by growers as the grams per day analysis.

The breakdown of the term is as follows: yield in grams of dried, processed plant material, the number of 1,000-watt lights used to cultivate the cannabis, and the number of days for the plant to flower.

The grams per day analysis is achieved by simple mathematical division of the above analysis. The grams yielded of dried plant material is divided by the number of 1,000-watt light bulbs used which is then divided by the number of days the plant took to flower.

Once the division is complete, the final number is the grams per day analysis result.


Maximum Yield Explains Grams Per Day Analysis (GPD)

Cannabis cultivation is all about about one thing: the final yield of the dried flowers. The plant’s crop output must be sufficient to offset the cost of the cultivation and still provide the grower with a profit. Therefore, growers must always be mindful of the overall expenses of the operation as these are what affect their bottom line.

Most cannabis growers can produce about a gram of cannabis per watt of bulb light. Cannabis growers find the grams per day analysis to be an indispensable tool in determining the specific yield achieved over time, to decide if a patch of garden is producing adequately, and to determine the complete profitability of various seeds and plants by studying how many grams per day they yield.

The use of the grams per day analysis gives the grower a deeper insight into how the grow facility is producing and what future adjustments might be needed to improve the yield. All of these factors have a significant effect on the grower's profitability margin.


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