Watering Grid

Last updated: August 22, 2018

What Does Watering Grid Mean?

An extremely popular irrigation system, watering grids are ideal for smaller or sectional gardens to water different types of plants at the same time. The main advantage with watering grids is that gardeners can control and adjust the water flow based on the needs of each specific crop. Most grids are fairly easy to assemble and are made from PVC pipes.


Maximum Yield Explains Watering Grid

When setting up a watering grid, it is important to properly maintain and occasionally flush it in order to prevent hard water deposits. Indeed, these deposits can affect the water flow and drip. These types of irrigation systems have been shown to be particularly efficient with carrots, chards and beans.

Irrigation techniques such as soaker hoses and drip lines can be quite time-consuming, especially when used on larger-scale crops. Consequently, a grid watering system requires virtually no supervision and can be set up within minutes. More importantly, this irrigation system is extremely gentle on plants and does not require any additional tools.

Some grids can feature over thirty sections, ideal for larger gardens. It is advisable to invest in an internal mesh filter to ensure that the watering grid remains free of debris.


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