Last updated: February 26, 2019

What Does Yield Mean?

Yield is the measure of success in the cannabis industry. You can measure yield per plant, per acre, per farm, etcetera. It’s the total amount of plant product that is gained at the end of the growing process. Maximizing yield is the name of the game in many aspects of marijuana growing, as well as quality and other factors. There are a few ways to measure yield. One way is the amount of dried product per square foot or cubic foot of canopy.


Maximum Yield Explains Yield

Nearly three quarters of growers measure yield per square foot. This is done in situations where growing is done with natural light. Another way to measure yield is by amount of dried product to watt of light or kilowatt hour, which shows the efficiency and how much is produced with each unit of resources. Most growers measure yield as it is one way to track progress and improve a grow.


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