Flower Bed

What Does Flower Bed Mean?

Excellent for growing smaller plots of plants, flower beds are often placed on raised soil to prevent soil compaction, while creating a barrier to pests and providing an adequate drainage system. There are a few points to consider before building or digging a flowerbed, including the amount of sunlight exposure that the plants will receive.


Maximum Yield Explains Flower Bed

Annual flowers are common choices for flower beds. However, these flowers need at least six hours of sun exposure per day, so this should be taken into consideration before building the flower bed. Another factor to consider is the soil type: the majority of flowering perennials and annuals require good soil to grow and develop. Consequently, it is important to treat the soil with compost before building the bed. It is also essential to break up larger clods of dirt and rake away any debris or rocks from the growing site.

A raised flower bed is particularly advantageous since they are normally deep enough to add root vegetables, like carrots, in between the flowers. This type of flower bed is also more receptive to different types of irrigation systems.


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