Last updated: April 29, 2019

What Does Elemene Mean?

Elemenes are chemical compounds found in many different types of plants. The best known is beta-elemene, as it has shown significant medical benefits, both in folk medicine and in modern medical trials studying its impact on cancer cells.


Maximum Yield Explains Elemene

An elemene is one of a family of chemical compounds found in a wide range of plants, most of which have been used in folk medicine for a very long time, but also in plants used for food, such as celery. While there are many types of elemenes in existence, the primary one of interest to modern science is beta-elemene.

Beta-elemene has shown significant potential for use in modern medicine, particularly in cancer treatment, and is currently being tested in China and other nations for its potential use in chemotherapy. It has already been shown to slow and even stop the growth of cancer cells, although scientists are as yet unsure exactly how the process works, or what it is about beta elemene that halts cancer cell growth.

Note that there have not yet been any large-scale medical tests performed. Current testing is small-scale. It is also not yet known if the use of only plant material delivers enough beta elemene to be effective in humans, or if the chemical would need to be first synthesized, and then condensed into a more potent form to be effective.

The current drive toward finding new and innovative solutions to slow and even arrest the development of cancer in humans means that beta elemene will see increased scrutiny in the coming years, although current testing certainly shows serious cancer-fighting potential.


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