Odor-Proof Bag

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Odor-Proof Bag Mean?

Odor-proof bags refer to any number of different styles of bags or containers meant to reduce or eliminate the aroma or odor of cannabis so that it may be discreetly transported. They work by either masking, blocking or trapping the aroma of cannabis. These bags range in materials from simple craft paper, to heat-sealed Mylar or Mylar and nylon blended materials.

Higher-end odor-proof bags include clutches, purses, shoulder bags, backpacks, satchels and duffel bags. There are also many styles available that resemble cell phone cases, personal organizers and lunch containers. These are usually constructed of waterproof materials and contain activated charcoal filters to absorb any smells. Additionally, most have moisture retention capabilities and locking functions.


Maximum Yield Explains Odor-Proof Bag

Despite the obvious reasons for wanting to avoid detection, odor-proof bags are also required by state laws in many states where dispensaries are legal. Regulations vary from state to state, but in general any cannabis leaving a dispensary must be in an opaque, odor-proof and child-proof bag.

Plastic bags or containers should not be used for the transport or storage of cannabis if there is the option of using an odor-proof bag. Even a glass container, while not ideal, will conceal more aroma than plastic. Despite the need for discretion, a proper odor-proof bag will also block out UV light that plastic and glass will not.


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