Growroom Ventilation

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Growroom Ventilation Mean?

Grow room ventilation is used in greenhouses and growing areas primarily to release warm air to lower the temperature when it gets too high. It also aids in lowering humidity and can be a part of proper air circulation. Grow room ventilation can be as simple as manually opening windows when the temperatures rise or may be part of a complex, automated system that closely monitors the climatic conditions within a grow room. Vents may be located in the or sides of a grow room, or for fully enclosed growing areas, warm air may have to be pumped out and fresh air brought in to achieve proper growing temperatures.


Maximum Yield Explains Growroom Ventilation

Cannabis growers have an additional challenge with grow room ventilation than do growers of any other legally produced crop. Cannabis is a very aromatic plant and venting any room where it is being cultivated will disclose its location. For growers of cannabis doing so illegally, obviously discretion is desired, but even for legal growers of cannabis, discretion is only one of the reasons to achieve proper ventilation. Some legal growing operations are mandated to control the smell and must figure out a way to not only be able to vent their growing area for ideal growing conditions, but must do so by using filters, odor neutralizers or must pump their exhaust air somewhere that the odor will not be detected.


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