Delta 3 Carene

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Delta 3 Carene Mean?

Terpenes are important micro-particles found within many different plants that offer a host of effects, from antibacterial properties to flavor enhancement. In cannabis, delta 3 carene creates an earthy, piney flavor and aroma, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Maximum Yield Explains Delta 3 Carene

Consuming cannabis can offer a range of effects, from mild relaxation to enhanced mental focus. Depending on the strain, you may also enjoy a number of different flavors and aromas. These effects are due to the chemicals that make up cannabis, most notably terpenes. There are many different terpenes found in cannabis (and in all other fruits and vegetables), but one of the most interesting is delta 3 carene.

In terms of flavor and aroma, delta 3 carene creates and earthy aroma and a piney taste, similar to some varieties of hops used in beer (hops and cannabis are actually in the same family). Some people have also reported a taste and aroma similar to rosemary from this terpene.

Delta 3 carene is being researched for a number of potential uses outside of recreational cannabis use, as well. For instance, it is known for its toxic effects on mosquitos, but is also being researched for bone cell calcium production. Other known uses/effects of this terpene include anti-inflammatory properties. When synthesized and concentrated, it can be used to treat both acute and subchronic inflammation in patients.

Delta 3 carene can be found in most types of cannabis. A study examined 162 different plant varietals, and the terpene was found in a significant number of them. This indicates that most types of cannabis can be used to source the terpene, although terpene concentration does vary from one strain to another, and even from plant to plant in the same strain due to different growing conditions.


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