Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Beta-Pinene Mean?

Beta pinene is one of a pair of related terpenes found in cannabis, the other being alpha pinene. Both create a piney aroma and flavor, but have other effects, including working as a bronchodilator, and acting as an anti-inflammatory.


Maximum Yield Explains Beta-Pinene

Modern science has discovered that cannabis (and all other vegetables and fruits) contain a number important phytochemicals called terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for creating flavor and aroma, but also have a host of other effects on the body. In cannabis, two of the most important terpenes are alpha and beta pinene. As the name suggests, these create a pine-like flavor and aroma, and are actually found in massive concentration in pine trees.

Outside of cannabis, beta pinene is being explored for a wide range of medical and health benefits. For instance, it can act as a bronchodilator, helping those with conditions ranging from asthma to bronchitis to breathe more easily. It is also an anti-inflammatory, and can be used to help counter short-term memory loss (particularly that associated with THC consumption).

However, terpenes like beta pinene also have an effect on the person consuming cannabis, altering the buzz in many ways. For example, one of the effects of beta pinene on a cannabis smoker (or someone consuming it as an edible, etc.) is an increase in mental alertness. This means that terpenes can and should be just as important when choosing a strain as cannabinoid content.

There are quite a few strains on the market with high beta pinene content. Jack Herer is one, as is Dutch Treat. Romulan, Blue Dream, Island Sweet Skunk and OG Kush are just a few of the others. Note that this terpene is present in indica, sativa and hybrid strains alike.


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