Micron Screen

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Micron Screen Mean?

A micron screen is a very fine mesh screen used in the production of what’s called dry sift hashish, or bubble hash. A micron is a measure of the opening size in the screen, which is one micrometer, or one millionth of a meter.


Maximum Yield Explains Micron Screen

The process of making hashish is ancient, but it has become much better understood thanks to modern technology. For instance, it was once thought that making hash was largely just concentrating the natural resins of cannabis into a more potent form. That’s true in a sense, but what is actually happening is that hash makers are filtering out larger trichomes and ensuring that only the smallest and most potent trichomes and terpenes make it into the final product – bubble hash, in this instance.

Trichomes come in many different sizes, and a micron screen needs to be used to filter them out. Many hash makers use a series of screens to gradually sort trichomes by size, and to prevent clogging and blockage that happens when trying to use just a single fine micron screen.

Most hash makers start large, some with mesh openings as large as 220 or 200 microns. From there, they slowly move down. The ultimate goal is to reach the ideal trichome size, which tends to be around 65 microns for the best in terms of potency. 90 and 73 microns result in near full-melt hashish, while 65 generally creates good full melt, bubble hash. Smaller particles yield mixed results, though – 45 is considered near full melt, but produces a more robust smoke. However, this does seem to vary with cannabis strain.

Ultimately, particulates need to be filtered through many different micron screen sizes to achieve the best possible trichome size and potency.


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